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Asia Kaohsiung
  1. Date for Foreign Team Registration : July 4,2012 to October 26,2012
  2. The Chinese Team who prepares to join the competition can notify us, asking for our invitation and going through the formality of the trip to Taiwan in advance.

    You can inquire help by contacting Miss Lin.(E-mail:

Registration Information


  1. Finish the table “Requirement for Lodging/Insurance/Transportation (Foreign Team)”. Each team will have rooms for the coach and three contestants, additional guests or substitutes may stay at their own expense. However, since the number of rooms is limited, please let us know if you need help arranging additional rooms or for extended stay (before/after the contest).

  2. Register on-line at

    • Teams please select your contest and site under the Asia Kaohsiung Regional Contest.

  3. Pay the US$120 by NSYSU on-line payment system and choose English mode.
    The URL:

    • Step1: choose Department: Office of Library and Information Services, Item: The 2012 ACM ICPC
    • Step2: Name and Other Details.
      • Please clear the registration fee by November 2.
      • Please Fax or E-mail receipt, and remember to indicate ACM ICPC 2012, school's name, team's name and contact window” with enclosure.
      • Registration Deadline: October 26, 2012 (Visa information for Chinese teams)