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Asia Kaohsiung


Restrictions of materials you bring

According to ICPC Regional Rules for 2012, each Regional Contest Director determines whether contestants may bring materials for use during the contest.

The restrictions on what materials you may bring in Kaohsiung Site:

Unannotated natural language printed dictionary is allowed.
Contains at most 25 pages of single-sided, letter or A4 size, hand-written notes or copy of your Team REFERENCE Document. We
will provide blank A4 size blank pages in the contest.
It's not allowed to bring any machine and software that can read or write, including computers, books, manuals, terminals,
computer, electronic dictionary, flash drives, PDA and mobile communications equipment, etc.

Other contest room rules:
•Each contestant is only allowed to enter contest venue in uniform T-shirt, with a badge and photo student ID card on
Saturday, 11/24.
•Each coach is only allowed to enter contest venue in uniform T-shirt and with a badge on Saturday, 11/24.
•No foods and Drinks.
•Keep your volume lower.
•Each team is restricted to use only one computer.
•Please inform the authorities if there is any problem with hardware.
•The print-out documents will be delivered to each team by the authorities.

For other rules and regulations, please link: